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Manage Your Credit

Control your financial future

Whether you need to establish a credit history, fix your credit status, or maintain the good credit you've got, organizing your finances is key. Free online account access with Wells Fargo Online® can help you keep track of your income, expenses, and loan payments.  

Establish Credit

If you've always made purchases with cash or checks, it's important — and easy — to start building a credit history.

How to Establish Credit
Organize Your Finances

Create a Budget 

Improve Your Credit

Whether you've gotten into too much debt, or have been the victim of fraud, follow these suggestions for fixing or improving your credit status.

Tips for Raising Your Score
Reduce Your Debt

How to Protect Your Credit
... and more 

Maintain Good Credit

Once you get credit, here are some suggestions for managing it wisely.

How to Maintain Good Credit
Checking Your Credit Report

Prepare for Life Events