Payroll Services and Payment Processing

Improve payroll performance

Converting to electronic payroll with Wells Fargo lets you lower payment-processing costs and improve cash control. You can also increase employee satisfaction by offering time-saving benefits, like direct deposit and other electronic services.

Take the inconvenience out of payroll

Reduce staff time spent generating and distributing paper checks for your employee payroll, state and federal taxes, social security payments, mandated wage garnishments, and other obligations.

Get all the benefits of using Wells Fargo’s integrated payroll solutions and see how well electronic banking can work for you:

  • ACH Direct Deposit – Eliminate paper check processing and save time and money. Deposit your employees’ pay directly into their domestic or international checking or savings accounts.
  • Controlled Disbursement – Help protect your account from fraud by matching checks directly to your register files. By adding Payee Validation, you also ensure that your payee name matches your file.
  • Personal Banking Services – As an extra benefit for your employees, Wells Fargo has personal banking services you can offer – available at discounted rates for direct deposit customers.

How payroll solutions work

Wells Fargo’s convenient electronic payroll solutions reduce the drain on your internal resources and enable you to:

  • Decrease costs with electronic services.
  • Increase your cash control.
  • Gain better payment predictability.