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Automated Clearing House & ACH Processing

Eliminate Paper Check Costs and Problems

Wells Fargo has one of the most advanced Automated Clearing House (ACH) systems in the country, processing over 1 billion ACH transactions annually. Our flexible Internet ACH Service gives you desktop access to initiate, verify, reverse and delete transactions from any internet connection. With one sign-on you can search for information, update transactions, and view customized reports.

Cut Expenses and Reduce Fraud Risk

Simplify the way you transfer secure vendor payments, employee compensation, federal and state tax payments, and other transactions into recipients’ accounts. Choose traditional methods, or our Commercial Electronic Office® internet business portal.
With the CEO portal, you can also get other helpful solutions, including:
  • Direct Deposit – Reduce trips to the bank and get the convenience of banking right from your own office.
  • WellsTAX – Save time by batching tax payments either online, or by telephone.
  • ACH Cash Concentration Services – Cut wire service costs by electronically consolidating money from multiple locations. You’ll be able to invest from a larger pool of funds and leverage excess balances.

Opt for Flexibility and Control

With electronic processing, funds move faster, the risk of errors and fraud drops, and you maintain optimal cash control with fewer resources. ACH solutions from Wells Fargo yield best-in-class benefits. Convert your paper-based transactions to Wells Fargo ACH and we’ll show you how to:
  • Decrease processing costs.
  • Improve employee satisfaction by offering direct deposit of payroll.
  • Reduce exposure to check fraud by eliminating paper checks.
  • Leverage excess balances with cash concentration services.
To get the specific information you need, contact us.