Electronic Payables

Streamline your A/P process, reduce errors and fraud risk, decrease payment-processing time and cost, and improve cash forecasting when you convert from paper to electronic payables. We offer single-source access to all your payables information through the Commercial Electronic Office® (CEO®) portal, consolidated payment file processing with our Payment Manager® service, ACH transactions and wire transfers, and prepaid cards for one-time of recurring disbursements to individuals.

Wells Fargo has one of the most advanced Automated Clearing House (ACH) systems and is the largest originator in the country, processing more than 6 billion ACH transactions annually. Our flexible ACH Payments Service through the award-winning CEO portal gives you desktop access to initiate and verify transactions from an internet connection. Use our ACH Inquiry Service to search for up to 180 days of originated activity, and delete or reverse erroneous transactions with our ACH Deletes & Reversals Service. With one sign-on you can search for information, update transactions, and view customized reports.

The benefits of converting your paper-based transactions to Wells Fargo ACH include:

  • Lower processing costs
  • Flexibility to initiate, verify, reverse, and delete transactions
  • Reduced exposure to check fraud
  • Simplified payroll, tax, and vendor payments
  • Cash concentration services to leverage excess balances

Initiate wires electronically through the CEO® portal, the CEO Mobile® service, or non-electronic channels. You can quickly process same-day and future-dated domestic and cross-border wire payments in U.S. or local currencies, and take advantage of real-time exchange rates. 

You can also approve or reject outgoing wires and monitor wire activity in your accounts when you're away from your desk through your smartphone. View wire reports on your schedule and customize them to your needs.

Replace cash or check payments to consumers with the convenience and security of a paperless solution that’s accepted anywhere debit cards are accepted. Prepaid cards end the hassle—and expense—of processing paper checks or cash payments. With Prepaid Card Solutions, our customers can make electronic disbursements while their cardholders benefit from easy electronic access to funds.

Prepaid Card Solutions supports one-time disbursements with the Non-Reloadable Prepaid Card and recurring disbursements with the Reloadable Prepaid Card. Reloadable Prepaid Cards are funded via ACH which streamlines the payables process.

Wells Fargo manages all cardholder support as well as escheatment of funds.

Benefits of prepaid cards include:

  • Branded to the customer's business. We can customize a Prepaid Card with a company name, logo, or design. This reinforces awareness with cardholders at point-of-purchase. 
  • Convenient card ordering. Using the CEO® portal or SAFE Transmission (secure file transmission), the customer may order one or multiple cards. Wells Fargo will issue and ship cards directly to recipients, if personalized, or to a company location within seven business days. 
  • Cardholder features. Recipients of the Prepaid Card can access funds at any merchant where debit cards are accepted. For programs with optional Cash Access, cardholders can access funds at more than one million ATMs, surcharge-free at more than 11,000 Wells Fargo ATMs, and in store at bank locations. Cardholders can track balance and transaction activity through the secure cardholder web site. Wells Fargo provides cardholder customer service via telephone or the Web. 
  • Improved security. Prepaid Card Solutions delivers standard card security features that reduce fraud risk. It’s simple for cardholders to report lost or stolen cards directly to Wells Fargo’s Cardholder Customer Service department.