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Electronic Payables

Boost Productivity

Technology and speed drive today’s business. Your payables process has to keep pace, so you can reduce unnecessary processing costs and maximize investment levels. That means eliminating the time and resource drain of paper payment processing.

Activate Electronic Payables Solutions

Wells Fargo’s Electronic Payables Solutions can transform your business. Our services include:
  • Single-source access to all your payables information through the Commercial Electronic Office® (CEO®) portal.
  • Consolidated payment file processing with the Payment Manager® service.
  • Eliminate paper invoices and manual approvals with the Invoice Manager service.
  • Reliable ACH transactions and Wire Transfers.

Automate Payment Initiation

Whether it’s payments to your vendors, or wages for your employees, by decreasing paper documents and manual data entry, Wells Fargo’s electronic payables enable you to:
  • Streamline your A/P process.
  • Lower error rates and fraud risk.
  • Decrease payment processing time.
  • Reduce the costs associated with moving funds.
  • Improve cash forecasting and reconciliation.
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