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SWIFT for Corporates

If you have accounts at numerous banks, SWIFT for Corporates connects you to them all. For decades, the SWIFT network has operated securely and reliably. With SWIFT for Corporates, you can:
  • Receive balance information for all your accounts worldwide to help you better manage your company’s liquidity.
  • Request transfers of funds from foreign banks to your U.S. concentration account.
  • Send payments to accounts at more than 9,000 financial institutions in more than 200 countries.
Wells Fargo supports these SWIFT services:
  • SCORE – the Standardized CORporate Environment
  • MA-CUG – Member Administered Closed User Group
  • SWIFTNet
    • FileAct
    • FIN (MT101, MT202, MT900, MT910, MT940, MT942)
Wells Fargo has earned and maintained SWIFT Bank Readiness Certification since the inception of the program in 2011.
Swift. Bank Ready for Corporate Access 2013.
For more information on SWIFT for Corporates or our other cash management tools, contact us.