Invest Your Idle Balances

When it comes to short-term cash management, Wells Fargo’s Stagecoach SweepSM service improves your day-to-day cash management capabilities by putting your idle balances to work.

Put Excess Cash to Work

Armed with clear and timely information on your account balances, and a structure that automates the process, you can control your options and leverage 100 percent of your excess funds to invest, minimize interest, or pay down debt.
Wells Fargo’s Stagecoach Sweep service retains liquidity and accelerates the return on your excess cash, helping you to:
  • Invest unallocated funds.
  • Reduce debt or interest liability.

How Stagecoach Sweep Works

Each day, after daily transaction obligations are met, Wells Fargo calculates your available funds and automatically transfers them into the investment or payment account you designate.
You determine your target balances, and set the ratio of investments-to-cash liquidity that makes sense for your business. Access daily Stagecoach Sweep service reports to determine your daily position, and calculate dividends.
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