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Cash Flow and Liquidity Reporting

Drive Results with Customized Information

Getting an accurate, real-time picture of company finances is one of the biggest challenges businesses face today. Our comprehensive reporting solutions put critical financial data at your fingertips through the Commercial Electronic Office® (CEO® ) portal. Get fast, online access, and, most importantly, information customized for your business. The CEO portal lets you specify the exact dates, accounts, transactions and information you want to see.

Get the Data You Need, in the Format You Want

You can develop successful strategies for business growth with Wells Fargo’s clear, timely, and comprehensive financial reporting. Customizable reporting solutions enable you to:
  • Improve decision-making with accurate, timely information.
  • Receive information from your Wells Fargo accounts, non-Wells Fargo accounts and international bank accounts from one source.
  • Optimize staff workflow with proactive desktop notification of incoming wires, returned items, and more – no more time wasted chasing down information.
  • Reduce security risks from unauthorized users.
  • Easily accommodate multiple reporting needs – AR staff and finance managers can access specific, targeted information. Whether it’s payables, receivables, or both, they’ll find data that fits their individual responsibilities.
  • Eliminate cumbersome paper reports

How Customizable Reporting Solutions Work

Get statements that help you monitor domestic or international activity. You can choose from more than 25 Treasury Information Reports, including Previous Day, Intraday and ACH activity.
The Wells Fargo Commercial Electronic Office portal offers single sign-on access to all your Treasury information, via one secure web site.
  • Customize reports, and save the new template so it’s accessible in a single click.
  • View information at the summary or detail level, and accommodate needs of different groups or functions by controlling access to each type of report.
  • Simplify work with proactive event notification. No more waiting for transactions like incoming wires or returned items – the system notifies you whenever information changes or your action is required.
To get the specific information you need, contact us.