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Cash Flow Analysis

Get the information you need to optimize your organization’s financial position with Cash Flow Analysis, our interactive reporting tool.
Cash Flow Analysis, available through our Commercial Electronic Office® (CEO®) portal, provides a comprehensive view of your current cash and credit position, with detailed transactional information. Cash Flow Analysis delivers accurate information in real time so you can make quicker and better business decisions.
Cash Flow Analysis gives you:
  • Pre-populated financial data. Data from all your bank accounts, both domestic and global, is consolidated for you, which helps you minimize manual data entry and reduce input errors.
  • Cash positioning. See current, consolidated summaries for your Wells Fargo accounts or accounts held with other financial institutions in a format customized to your business needs.
  • Forecasting tools. Category and calculation rules give you quick, easy forecasting for up to 57 weeks, helping you increase the accuracy of your cash forecasting and analysis.
  • Journal entry capability. Automate your journal entry reconciliation by creating rules that match bank transactions to your general ledger account.
  • Easy export and print features. Print or export your data quickly.
For more information about Cash Flow Analysis or our cash management tools, contact us.