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Commerce Manager

The Wells Fargo Commerce Manager suite of services lets you easily view and manage your payment processes online, helping your business drive down costs and optimize working capital.
Commerce Manager consists of four modules that can be used collectively or independently.
ModuleWhat it doesHow you benefit
Payables Lets you select optimal payment type and timing based on the supplier, average amount, and cost of each disbursement type
  • Gives you greater visibility into your payables through consolidated reporting of all payment types, including reports from other banks
  • Helps you improve your cash forecasting
  • Allows you to eliminate duplicate payments by having your remittance data delivered through a single file that integrates with your accounts payable system
Receivables Provides you with a comprehensive system for accounts receivable posting files and auto-reconciliation of invoicing and billing systems
  • Helps decrease your collections efforts
  • Gives you greater visibility into enterprise cash flow
Invoice management Captures and delivers your invoices electronically
  • Speeds approvals and automates workflows
  • Helps expedite invoice dispute resolution
Supplier onboarding Connects you with our professionals who offer expert assistance with new supplier partnersWe work with you to:
  • Analyze your master vendor file
  • Help you define strategic sourcing opportunities
  • Help get your suppliers up to speed with electronic payments

Streamline your cash conversion cycle

Commerce Manager provides:
  • Paperless workflow. Allows you to collect receivables faster, reduce time spent on manual processes, and improve the accuracy and speed of your payables and receivable processes.
  • Centralized information access. Centralized access to accurate and timely data gives you greater financial insight across your business and helps improves decision making.
  • Built-in compliance and control features. Better manage or comply with internal policies and regulations with tools that help you address reporting, tax issues, and internal audits.

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