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WATS® Futures

We deliver high-quality execution and clearing of futures and options to institutional customers around the world. Our services support the spectrum of trading styles from passive to aggressive allowing clients to trade in real time across multiple markets.

Our service model provides a streamlined, single point of contact for market insight and support allowing us the ability to customize services to your business needs, including:

Electronic trading

Wells Fargo offers customers access to a wide range of electronic execution front-end systems. Wells Fargo offers customers a broad suite of algorithmic trading capabilities from industry-leading vendors. In addition, Wells Fargo supports order routing via application programming interface and FIX connectivity.

Voice brokerage execution

With 24-hour institutional desks, we specialize in multi-exchange, multi-asset class execution.

Robust algorithmic offering

We offer access to algorithms from Fidessa and Quantitative Brokers, both offering 24-hour availability, designed specifically to work with the Futures & Options asset class. These algorithms provide a variety of strategies and synthetic order types including:

  • Benchmark (Time-based, volume-based, percentage of volume)
  • Contingent (OCO, OTO, bracket, hawkeye, custom)
  • Options specific (delta pegged, volatility pegged)
  • Synthetic order types (Iceberg+, stop+)
  • Tools Suite (time sliced, pegger, ghost, with ticks)
  • Triggered (market-if-touched, limit-if-touched)

Direct Market Access via screens

We offer a variety of ways for customers to manage their own orders directly including:

  • Bloomberg's EMSX platform, for customers who are accustomed to Bloomberg symbols and seeking integration with other Bloomberg functions.
  • Fidessa’s integrated OMS and EMS platform with support for options trading and algorithmic trading.
  • Trading Technologies (TT) X_Trader, including TT's industry leading MDTrader ladder window and access to their Synthetic Strategy Engine for advanced order types.
  • REDIPlus, a multi-asset class (equities and derivatives) and multi broker platform allows traders to see all of their trading activity in one place, and to use the comprehensive portfolio and spread trading capabilities.
  • CQG, a trading platform renowned for their integrating charting and offers a variety of order entry interfaces including DOMTrader, Snap Trader and Spreadsheet Trader.
  • We also offer Neovest, CME Direct, WebICE, RealTick, Bloomberg Tradebook and CTS T4.

Direct Market Access via API

Customers can use the various APIs from TT or Bloomberg to link in their existing trading models. In addition, we support client access to markets via our FIX API.

Global derivatives clearing services

  • High-touch customer service
  • Operational efficiency
  • Online reporting portal
  • Diversified pool of clearing clients
  • Safety and soundness

For information on all WATS Bloomberg offerings visit our execution page: WATS< GO > on Bloomberg

Our global network

Our robust execution and clearing capabilities provide access to an extensive network of futures exchanges worldwide:

  • CBOE Futures
  • CBT
  • CME Group
  • ICE Futures Canada
  • ICE Futures Europe
  • ICE Futures US
  • Minneapolis Grain Exchange
  • Montreal Exchange
  • NASDAQ Futures
  • IDEM
  • LME
  • MEFF
  • NASDAQ OMX Nordic Derivatives
  • NYSE Euronext LIFFE Amsterdam
  • NYSE Euronext LIFFE Brussels
  • NYSE Euronext LIFFE London
  • NYSE Euronext LIFFE Paris
  • Oslo Derivatives
  • South African Futures Exchange
  • Vienna Derivatives
  • Euronext Amsterdam
  • Euronext Brussels
  • Euronext Lisbon
  • Euronext Paris
  • Bursa Malaysia
  • Hong Kong Futures Exchange
  • Osaka Securities Exchange
  • Singapore Futures Exchange
  • Sydney Futures Exchange
  • Taiwan Futures Exchange
  • Thailand Futures Exchange
  • Tokyo Commodity Exchange
  • Tokyo Financial Exchange
  • Tokyo Stock Exchange [TDEX]