We offer innovative products, coupled with market insight and customer service, which translates into efficient trading strategies. Our full suite of state-of-the-art tools support effective execution and are customized to fit your trading objectives.
Our team of experienced traders design strategies that respond in real-time to changing market conditions, providing:
  • Access to all NMS market centers, including dark and lit venues through our proprietary smart router
  • In-depth quantitative index analysis
  • Fully customizable algorithmic trading
WATS Equities features:
  • Agency, event-driven, and pairs trading
  • Transition trading and basket optimization capabilities with our algorithms for efficient portfolio liquidation
  • Fully automated and customizable pairs and spread trading module that can accept any formula for multiple securities
  • WATS® Trade Color, a full transparency real-time trade analytics portal delivering market and portfolio intelligence to help drive trading decisions

Diversified suite of algorithms

Our dynamic suite of algorithms covers the spectrum of market participation, from stealth to aggressive, by:
  • Using sophisticated short-term price and volume forecasting to improve execution
  • Helping discover hidden liquidity through access to several carefully selected dark pools
  • Supporting single-stock transactions or portfolio-based trading

Learn about WATS Equities algorithms

Learn about the WATS algorithms Show Details

Description Urgency
Algorithm LogicPassiveMediumAggressive
KomodoUse stealth participation strategy to minimize information leakage.YesYesYes
Komodo DarkSimultaneously post in 17 dark pools at midpoint or better.YesYesYes
Cobra DarkSweeps the spread, then posts the balance in the dark.Yes  
Cobra KaiSweep depth of market to a desired limit including lit, reserve, and dark markets.  Yes
JackhammerUse the Adaptive Peg Strategy to post out loud.YesYesYes
Smart Order RouterGain access to all NMS market centers, including dark and lit venues through a proprietary smart router.  Yes
Hanzo VWAPMinimize slippage to volume weighted average price (VWAP). Yes  
Hanzo TWAPMinimize slippage to time weighted average price (TWAP). Yes  
Volume ParticipationTarget a percentage of volume participation.   
OIS (Optimized Implementation Shortfall)Use the Wells Fargo forecasting model to minimize slippage from arrival price.    
Pairs (High Touch Only)Customize pairs to include various formulas including relative performance, spread, ratio, index/benchmark trading, and merger arbitrage.   
CustomCreate custom strategies of various parameters.YesYesYes

Where to find us

Find WATS Equities on all OMS/EMS providers including:
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  • Bloomberg
  • Charles River
  • Eze Castle
  • Fidessa
  • FlexTrade
  • Instinet Newport3
  • ITG Triton
  • ITG Radical
  • LatentZero
  • LineData/LongView
  • Macgregor
  • Moxy
  • Neovest
  • PortWare
  • RealTick
  • Redi
  • Reuters
  • Tethys
  • TradingScreen
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