Tax-Exempt and Municipal Customers

Our risk management specialists can help you:

  • Hedge against fluctuations in tax-exempt interest rates
  • Hedge interest rate uncertainly on future bond issuances
  • Balance the mix of floating- and fixed-rate debt
  • Develop strategies to manage the tax and basis risk inherent in many tax-exempt debt portfolios

Customized strategies and products

Choose from a wide variety of municipal and tax-exempt hedging strategies that we can customize to help you meet specific business objectives.

We offer hedges on the following tax-exempt indices:

  • SIFMA swaps, caps, and floors
  • % of LIBOR swaps, caps, and floors
  • MMD rate locks
  • Swaptions

Risk situations we can help you manage

  • You have a future funding need and would like to protect against interest rate increases between now and the time your loan is issued.
  • You have the opportunity to issue floating-rate or fixed-rate municipal bonds, and would like to explore your interest rate hedging alternatives.

Why choose Wells Fargo

Our experience and unique strategy in the market for servicing municipal customers sets us apart from others. Whether your company has an existing interest rate hedging program or is getting started, we offer:

  • Experienced and knowledgeable interest rate risk specialists
  • Tailored, customer-focused strategies and services
  • More than 20 years of expertise in helping customers manage their interest rate risk exposures
  • A close working partnership with Wells Fargo Government and Institutional Relationship Managers to offer an integrated approach to your interest rate risk management needs

The transactions described herein involve potential costs and risks. Please review roles, responsibilities, and risks.