Equity Risk Management

Support the value of your equity positions

Wells Fargo offers strategies and tools to help you manage equity exposure across all major equity indices, stocks, and ETFs. With the financial strength of Wells Fargo, along with our extensive structuring and trading capabilities, we can help you execute equity risk management strategies efficiently.

Customized services

We can tailor a variety of equity risk management products to help you achieve your business objectives.

Objectives for managing equity risk

Just as equity prices can move in your favor, they can also turn against you. Whether you have equity exposure on the asset or liability side of your balance sheet, the objectives for managing equity risks are the same. In both circumstances, you can mitigate the impact that a change in prices can have on your financial results.

We may help you mitigate the impact of volatile equity markets. Our specialists can work with you to determine the right strategies that may help:

  • Protect existing equity value
  • Extract liquidity or monetize a position
  • Increase borrowing capacity
  • Hedge equity-linked liabilities

Why choose Wells Fargo

  • Competitive pricing
  • Innovative hedging strategies and market insights
  • Broad range of hedging strategies
  • Experienced team specializing in equity and financial markets
  • Extensive trading and structuring capabilities

Equity risk management strategies are provided through Wells Fargo Securities.

The transactions described herein involve potential costs and risks. Please review roles, responsibilities, and risks.