Fixed Income Strategies for Depository Institutions

Fixed income analysis and investment strategies

We offer investment portfolio and balance sheet solutions for banks and credit unions of all sizes. We combine exceptional trading depth, award-winning research, and client-specific strategies to help you manage your balance sheet, risk profiles, and portfolio returns.

We help depository institutions execute strategies to manage their risks in a changing interest rate environment. Our teams and tools help you analyze and understand your balance sheet to maximize earnings and protect Economic Value of Equity (EVE). We offer:

  • ALM Analysis including GAP, NII and EVE simulations
  • Strategy recommendations
  • Tools to help institutions review results against their internal policy guidelines

Our Fixed Income Market and Portfolio Strategy team delivers in-depth fixed income commentary and strategy to our clients. Our dedicated team of strategists will work with financial institutions to implement the right strategy for your institution or business through portfolio and balance sheet analysis and customized solutions. 

  • Performance evaluation
  • Sector and security level breakdown
  • Impact of changing interest rates
  • Optimization recommendations
  • Regional and national custom peer analysis
  • Multi-sector fixed income relative value matrix
  • Wholesale funding strategies

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Gain market access to a full range of fixed income investments:

  • U.S. government securities (treasuries) and agency securities
  • Commercial mortgage-backed securities
  • Residential mortgage-backed securities
  • Municipals
  • High grade and high yield corporates
  • Asset-backed securities
  • CLOs
  • Money market securities

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Why Wells Fargo

  • A customer-centric approach to capital markets and a leader across a full spectrum of product executions.
  • Experienced sales and trading teams dedicated to providing superior customer service and support.
  • The Wells Fargo debt rating is among the highest ratings of any financial services company.

Events and education

We offer a variety of events to help our clients understand fixed income products and valuation. We design our events to present ideas, generate dialogue, and introduce best practices among investor peers while focusing on the concepts and features of specific fixed income products.