Partner with an experienced team to help you optimize your performance in today’s ever-changing market.
The Wells Fargo Securities Program Trading team takes a consultative approach to assist you through each stage of the investment process.
With Program Trading you gain:
  • Counterparty strength
  • Balance sheet access
  • Liquidity access
  • Execution advice
  • In-depth, quantitative analysis of key index events
  • Commission-sharing agreements
Our Program Trading team can help you:
  • Make more informed agency trade execution decisions. Our team provides experienced implementation advice and best-effort execution of portfolio orders with the goal of minimizing benchmark slippage.
  • Minimize opportunity cost by deploying capital to facilitate various principal portfolio strategies, including blind risk bid, EFPs (pure/risk), basis trades, guaranteed benchmark, benchmark stopping, agency cleanups, and shortened settlement.
  • Improve trading outcomes by using our WATS® Electronic Trading proprietary algorithms and WELXSM Liquidity Cross, our alternative trading system.
  • Receive in-depth analysis of merger, acquisition, and other corporate actions. We also provide analysis on changes in major index construction, including predictive changes to indices based on the corporate action calendar.
  • Gain additional liquidity with our ETF/SWAP1 creation, redemption, and market making. Our team can help optimize your trade by using our balance sheet to provide synthetic exposure to various securities, industries, and other structured products.
1 Wells Fargo Securities intends to offer ETFs/Swap functionality during the second quarter of 2012. Please contact a member of the Wells Fargo Program Trading team for additional details.
Wells Fargo Securities is the trade name for the capital markets and investment banking services of Wells Fargo & Company and its subsidiaries, including Wells Fargo Securities, LLC, a member of NYSE, FINRA, NFA and SIPC, Wells Fargo Institutional Securities, LLC, a member of FINRA and SIPC, Wells Fargo Prime Services, LLC, a member of FINRA, NFA and SIPC and Wells Fargo Bank, National Association. Wells Fargo Securities, LLC carries and provides clearing services for Wells Fargo Institutional Securities, LLC customer accounts.
  • Investment Products:
  • • Not FDIC Insured
  • • No Bank Guarantee
  • • May Lose Value