Prime Services

Prime financing services for alternative asset managers

In today’s market, you need a partner with a reputation of commitment, long-term support, and deep and liquid financial strength. Wells Fargo understands the unique needs of alternative asset managers and delivers a full suite of prime brokerage services to support your success.

Resources and strategies for every stage of growth

We designed our platform with the flexibility and scope to meet the complex and evolving needs of today’s managers. Our services allow us to support funds of all sizes, from emerging to large institutional, with integrated financing, technology, operations, and custody solutions.

Our multi-asset class platform, industry expertise, client service and customized services, help our customers effectively manage their business with:

  • Multi-asset class clearing
  • Securities lending
  • Custody services
  • Margin financing
  • Capital Introduction
  • Business Consulting
  • Reporting
  • Proprietary technology
  • Risk and portfolio management
  • Outsourced trading

A strong and stable counterparty

Through their prime services relationship, our customers gain access to the complete capabilities of Wells Fargo, one of the largest and best-capitalized financial institutions, including a strong liquidity and financing platform, market-leading investment banking services, award-winning research, timely market color, corporate access, and trading services.

Our Business Consulting group delivers subject matter expertise for alternative asset managers including: 

  • Business development (from launch to franchise management)
  • Best practices
  • Peer analysis and benchmarking
  • Thought leadership

We help fund managers focus on their day-to-day investment objectives and improve the efficiency of their operations. By leveraging our knowledge of industry service providers, we facilitate key introductions and discussions to achieve the right operational fit for our customers' business. We offer subject matter expertise across the full spectrum of hedge fund operations including formation and structure, strategic growth, trading workflows, and technology platforms.

Our team of experienced Capital Introduction specialists connects you with investors around the globe to keep you at the forefront of investment trends. We maintain dialogue with the full spectrum of hedge fund investors, including family offices, funds of funds, managed account platforms, consultants, endowments, foundations, and public and private pensions. 

How we work with you

Our process begins with an in-depth consultative review of your firm’s marketing and capital-raising strategies. We take the time to develop a deep understanding of where your business is today and what your goals are for tomorrow, and then tailor capital-raising strategies to meet your specific needs. 

Our team will work with you to:

  • Assist with refining your message to articulate your edge, focusing on both your verbal proposal and written materials
  • Introduce you to the right investors from our extensive global network of relationships
  • Develop a coordinated events strategy and then prioritize and manage responses

Whether you handle marketing internally or rely on third parties, we can supplement your efforts, ideas, and resources.

Download our Manager Marketing Toolkit (PDF).

Our market-leading technology platforms, COMPASS® and SHARP, deliver comprehensive risk and reporting solutions, and provide access to powerful features including real-time performance and reporting analytics, position monitoring, and risk management metrics.

Wells Fargo COMPASS is our performance and reporting platform providing real-time intraday performance and key portfolio analytics that enable managers to effectively manage risk within their portfolios with:

  • Performance and trade analytics: real-time performance attribution and position monitoring, customizable views and groupings, and flexible market data solutions
  • Real-time risk: intraday delta and beta adjusted exposures, greeks for options with position-level and net delta, and theta decay
  • Rebalancing: Pari-Passu rebalance and multi-model basket trader

Wells Fargo SHARP consolidates multiple prime brokerage or custodian relationships into a single, customizable web-based reporting platform, featuring our exclusive Shadow, Attribution, Risk and Performance reporting technology comprised of:

  • Position and trade level transparency: risk analytics can be viewed across your entire portfolio by aggregating data from multiple sources into a consolidated reporting solution, which includes advanced investor relations capabilities incorporating outside user access reporting privileges defined by the fund manager
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities: including intra-day and end-of-day granular tax lot reports, performance attribution utilizing Brinson models, exposure reports, and risk reports via single-factor risk models, and delta adjusted position reports
  • Third Party Integration: complements in-house portfolio accounting systems with advanced performance and risk analytics and post-trade account allocation through an embedded order management system (OMS)