Outsourced Trading

Customized trading solutions delivered in a cost effective and scalable model

Wells Fargo’s Outsourced Trading provides comprehensive trading solutions that deliver sophisticated and scalable trading resources to investment managers ranging from startups to complex institutional platforms. With over 15 years of history in outsourced trading, we provide our clients capacity and experience, executing the entire trading function or supplementing their in-house trading desk when needed. Our team of dedicated, experienced traders can support your entire trading lifecycle from the front to middle office including allocations, trade breaks, and reporting.

We route 100% of our client orders to the executing brokers of their choice. Our model allows our clients to maintain visibility with the sell-side partners they choose to work with. By maintaining the traditional client-broker trading relationship, our clients get full credit for their commission dollars across the street.

Our solutions allow our clients to focus on driving value for their clients and converts the fixed costs and burdens of managing technology and people to a more efficient and capable, variable cost model. We work with our clients as they evolve to stay current with their changing needs and provide them with the tools they need to grow through a consultative partnership.

Customizable trading solutions

  • Our consultative approach works with our clients to identify the right solution based upon their needs, seamlessly executing the entire trading function or supplementing their in-house trading desks 
  • We work to understand and manage our client’s commission wallet, keeping their relationships strong with their trading counterparties while providing transparency 
  • We keep our managers informed of portfolio news and research as well as market color, helping them make the right investment decisions
  • Our agency only model and breadth of routing options ensure that we are aligned with our client’s trading objectives and have the tools we need to find the best execution and liquidity available
  • Clients leverage our strong broker relationships as well as our access to other pools of liquidity including ARCA, BATS, EDGX, IEX, NSDQ, dark pools, and others 
  • When execution is all that is needed, we offer an integrated solution through services and technology, providing high-and low-touch routes in a multi-broker, open architecture model

Capabilities and tools

  • Teams in New York and San Francisco include traders each with over 20 years experience and over a decade together
  • Deep experience and consultative services in high and low touch listed options
  • Robust sell-side broker network and execution in 26 international markets
  • Wells Fargo’s COMPASS and SHARP technology platforms provide comprehensive portfolio management, reporting, and workflow solutions for your entire portfolio including shadow reporting
  • Open architecture platform that integrates with your in-house technology to drive automation of intraday and SOD/EOD processes and data flows
  • Real-time and daily post-market trade reports and quarterly TCA analytics
  • Commission management solution with CSA trade reporting online invoice workflow tools
  • Wells Fargo Prime Services’ resources including Capital Introduction and Business Consulting