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Tax-Exempt and Municipal Customers

Our risk management specialists can help you:
  • Hedge against fluctuations in tax-exempt interest rates
  • Hedge interest rate uncertainly on future bond issuances
  • Balance the mix of floating- and fixed-rate debt
  • Develop strategies to manage the tax and basis risk inherent in many tax-exempt debt portfolios

Customized strategies and products

Choose from a wide variety of municipal and tax-exempt hedging strategies that we can customize to help you meet specific business objectives.
We hedge the following tax-exempt indices:
  • SIFMA swaps, caps, and floors
  • % of Libor swaps, caps, and floors
  • MMD rate locks
Direct Funding:
  • Fixed- or floating-rate direct funding
For specific strategies for your business, contact a risk management specialist, or contact us.
Hedging involves potential costs and risks, including opportunity costs and potential early termination fees. Nothing herein is a recommendation, solicitation, commitment, or offer for any swap, and Borrower acknowledges that Wells Fargo may be unable under CFTC regulations to recommend or offer Borrower a swap unless Wells Fargo determines the swap would be suitable. If Borrower would like information about swaps or hedging with Wells Fargo, we can refer you to our swap specialists.