Information when, where, and how participants want it

We will engage with your plan participants to encourage a "next best step" toward a successful retirement. To accomplish this we focus on four key beliefs:
Retirement success begins with overall financial health.
With 42% of middle-class Americans saying it is not possible to pay bills and save for retirement, we must broaden the discussion to address core financial needs: spending, borrowing, saving, and investing. We provide holistic financial health education to help participants improve their financial understanding and make better financial decisions.
Each participant should have a plan for retirement.
Our research shows that people with a plan have saved three times more than those without a plan. A plan can be a comprehensive written plan or as simple as an 80% income replacement goal with a "next best step" to reach that goal.
Interactions must be proactive, personal, and relevant for each participant.
Retirement planning is influenced by many factors – age, gender, marital status, family size, cultural values, saver or spender, tenure at current job, income, career path, retirement dreams, and more. We tailor our communications to send the right message, in the right way, and at the right time for each participant to encourage a next best step toward a successful retirement.
The "power of conversations" provides the help participants need.
We believe, and our research supports, that when it comes to financial matters people want to have a conversation. Conversations can come in many forms – from in-person workshops and one-on-one contact to participant phone calls and digital communities. Wells Fargo uses the latest technology and research to enhance, rather than limit, these conversations so participants can take a next best step in their retirement planning.
Wells Fargo has both the resources and industry-recognized expertise in participant education and communications to help participants take their next best step.

Let's discuss how Wells Fargo can help your participants

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