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HSA Program Materials

Resources for before, during, and after HSA enrollment

HSA Employer Customer Service1-866-988-2006
Education and communication are the keys to any HSA program's success. These tools and resources can help you maximize enrollment, administer your program more effectively, and ensure a successful renewal of your HSA program1.
Suggested timingTool, resource, or materialPurpose
AnytimeCommunications calendar (PDF*) Follow this suggested communications plan for plan introduction and enrollment.
6-9 months before enrollmentPlan introduction email from CEO or business owner email template (PDF*) A high level introduction that sets stage for HSA as a positive benefit.
5-7 months before enrollmentHSAs and how employees will benefit email template (PDF*) Highlights key benefits of HSAs.
4-6 months before enrollmentWhy the company is introducing this new benefit email template (PDF*) Explain why your company is going in a new direction with benefits.
3 months before enrollmentKeeping up with rising healthcare costs Emphasize that your employees can use the HSA to save for medical expenses.
2 months before enrollmentBuild your health finance safety net Reduce your employees' anxiety about rising healthcare costs by showing them how they can use an HSA to build a financial safety net.
1 month before enrollmentPower your financial plan with an HSA Show employees how they can use an HSA to supplement their tax-free retirement savings.
We offer a variety of videos, webcasts, posters, email templates, and other resources to help you through the enrollment process.
Tool, resource, or materialPurpose
What is an HSA (video)Highlight the benefits of an HSA and explain how it works.
Frequently asked questions about HSAs (PDF*) Provides answers to frequently asked questions about HSAs.
Employee enrollment flye (PDF*) Explains what an HSA is and highlights the main benefits.
Employee enrollment support website Link to content for employees to learn more about HSAs.
Top Reasons to enroll in an HSA (PDF*) Offers five reasons to open an HSA.
Enrollment fair postersHSA resource center poster (PDF*) Let your employees know about upcoming enrollment meetings where they can learn about HSAs.
Open enrollment coming soon email template (PDF*) Use 2 weeks before enrollment begins.
Open enrollment starts today email template (PDF*) Use to start enrollment.
HSAs and your HSA-eligible health plan Explain how HSAs work in conjunction with HSA-eligible health plans.
Health plan cost comparison Help your employees compare healthcare premiums and deductibles.
Using payroll deductions to fund HSAs email template (PDF*) Explains the process for setting up payroll deductions.
Suggested timingTool, resource, or materialPurpose
Two weeks after your plan year beginsGetting started with your Wells Fargo HSA Show new accountholders how to get the most out of their HSAs.
Four weeks after your plan year beginsUsing your HSA at the doctor email template (PDF*) Explain to employees how to pay for qualified medical expenses with an HSA.
Four months after enrollmentQualified medical expenses email template (PDF*) Answer your employees' questions about what medical expenses are covered.
February, March, or early AprilTaxes and HSAs Answer your employees' questions about HSAs and taxes.
Anytime after enrollmentOnline account access email template (PDF*) Explain to employees how to manage an HSA online.
Anytime during the yearUsing your HSA for retirement savings Help employees understand their potential medical costs in retirement and how an HSA can help them prepare.
Anytime during the yearConsumerism and HSAs email template (PDF*) Explain what healthcare consumerism means.
Anytime during the yearShopping around for medical services email template (PDF*) Help accountholders understand how they can shop around for medical services.
Anytime an employee with an HSA turns 55Catch up contributions email template (PDF*)
Catch up contributions postcard (PDF*)
Encourage accountholders turning 55 to take advantage of the $1,000 catch-up contribution option.
HSA account activation tools
TimingTool, resource, or materialPurpose
Anytime during the year Encourage employees to open and/or fund their HSAs.
Anytime during the year Encourage employees to activate their investment account.
Post-enrollment tools provided by Wells Fargo
TimingTool, resource, or materialPurpose
Within 5 days of enrollmentWelcome kit (sent by Wells Fargo) Introduce employees to the Wells Fargo HSA.
Within 30 days of enrollmentWelcome email #1 (sample)Highlight the benefits of an HSA and explain how to use the account.
Within 60 days of EnrollmentWelcome email #2 (sample)Help employees understand the advantages of an HSA.
Quarterly Accountholder newsletter (sample)Provides program updates, information about new investment choices, and other news for accountholders.
Anytime during the year The HSA Custodial Agreement and Privacy Policy.
Anytime during the yearAccountholder fee schedule (PDF*) Disclose the standard and optional HSA fees to accountholders.
Tool, resource, or materialPurpose
Contribution limits Shows IRS annual contribution limits for HSAs.
Health savings accounts and mid-year changes (PDF*) For employees who make account changes during the year, this document explains how to prorate HSA contributions.
HSA FAQs Answers frequently asked questions about the Wells Fargo HSA program.
Employer resource guide (PDF*) Explains how to maximize enrollment in your HSA program and is designed to help support your annual enrollment communication efforts.
HSA standard implementation process (PDF*) Explains how to set up an HSA program for your employees.
Employer enrollment and contributions options (PDF*) Helps you compare the different enrollment and contribution methods and determine which one will work best for your organization.
Employer application guide (PDF*) Includes the employer application, enrollment checklist, and information about what employers can expect during and after program implementation.
HSA transfer and rollover guide (PDF*) Explains how Wells Fargo makes transferring or rolling over existing HSAs from other providers easy for your employees.
Commercial Electronic Office® Health Benefits Services portal (PDF*) Shows you how to use the free online administration tool to simplify program enrollment, maintenance, contributions, and reports.
ACH direct contributions (PDF*) Explains how to get started using ACH direct contributions for your HSA program.
ACH debit contributions (PDF*) Discusses the advantages of using ACH debit for HSA contributions and get tips on setting up and expediting ACH debit processing.
Employer newsletter Provides the latest news about the Wells Fargo HSA.
ACH authorization form (PDF*) Authorizes Wells Fargo Health Benefit Services to debit another account for contributions to and monthly service fees paid for employees’ HSAs.
Employee HSA application (PDF*) For employees who want to open a Wells Fargo HSA under their employer’s HSA program. Please encourage your employer clients to speak to their Wells Fargo Health Benefits sales representative about online enrollment.
Individual application for an HSA (PDF*) For individuals who want to open a Wells Fargo HSA. They can submit the completed application to our customer service department. Individuals can also open an HSA online. We encourage online enrollment because it is fast, easy, and secure.
HSA designation/change of beneficiary form (PDF*) Use this form to designate a beneficiary.
HSA rollover/transfer form (PDF*) Use this form to roll over or transfer funds from another HSA or an Archer MSA into a Wells Fargo HSA.
Complete a contribution form (PDF*) Use this form to mail in a contribution.
Distribution request form (PDF*) Use this form to mail a distribution to an accountholder.

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This information is intended to provide informational resources to employers. Please consult with your legal counsel about program design and how to prevent ERISA application to your HSA program. In this guide, Wells Fargo is providing examples that have worked for other customers. You will need to assess if they work in your situation. Wells Fargo does not give legal or tax advice. Wells Fargo Health Benefit Services, a division of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., does not offer health insurance plans or wellness programs.
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