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Creating best-in-class HSA programs for your clients

As a trusted advisor, you want to provide your clients with best-in-class solutions. We understand those needs, and as a national leader in providing HSA programs, we can help you get there.

Everything you and your clients need for a great HSA experience

  • Easy implementation & administration. Your clients have a lot on their plate - their HSA program should be easy, not a burden. With 98% same day enrollments and 99.5% next day contribution postings, the process is simple and stress-free. And since we have the flexibility to work with any health plan provider, your clients get a seamless transition when they inevitably switch carriers — no administrative hassle for you, your client, or their employees.
  • Maximize HSA program value. Why would your clients dive into the world of HSAs if they’re not expecting to save on healthcare costs? Our dedicated HSA relationship team partners with your clients to maximize the success of their plan and the return on their investment.
  • Increase employee engagement. Your clients don’t have time to create a ground-up HSA communication plan, and that’s why we’ve done the work for them. Our proven educational tools help employees understand how to get the most from their HSA — whether they spend, save, or invest.
  • Make data security a priority. There’s been a lot about data breaches in the news lately. Security of your clients’ employee data is a critical priority for us. Our proprietary banking and investment platform limit hand-offs of data to external vendors, helping us tightly control the security environment.

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