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The Relocation Mortgage Program®

With over 30 years of relocation experience, The Relocation Mortgage Program provides convenient, cost-effective services that increase your program’s efficiency and minimize costs to your company and to relocating employees.

Benefits for your transferees

  • Information and education. We can help transferees make informed relocation home financing decisions, as well as plan for their moves.
  • Mortgage preapproval. We provide preapproval letters and help transferees estimate what they can spend to help them work efficiently with REALTORS® and selling agents1.
  • Industry-leading customer service. We can work with your transferees online, over the phone, and face to face at more than 2,000 mortgage locations across the country.
  • A variety of mortgage options. Our products encompass conventional, FHA and VA programs, as well as fixed and adjustable interest rates.
  • Convenient payment options. Our flexible payment options can help transferees budget more easily with automatic withdrawals timed to match employee pay cycles. And Wells Fargo Online® provides access to mortgage and other Wells Fargo accounts.
  • Ongoing customer support. We stay with transferees for the life of their loan, ready to support them with our experienced customer service team and a suite of tools for easy mortgage management.

Benefits for your company

  • Benchmarking and measurement of applications, fundings, and service scores to help you understand the program’s success
  • Timely updates on industry and legislative changes as well as semi-annual activity reviews and periodic reporting on relocation program activity
  • Consultation on policy, trends, and cost containment options to help keep your program current and economical
  • Ease of administration by working in coordination with all of your resources
Are you a homebuyer looking for a relocation mortgage? Learn more about our program.
1 A PriorityBuyer® preapproval is based on our preliminary review of credit information only and is not a commitment to lend. We will be able to offer a loan commitment upon verification of application information, satisfaction of all underwriting requirements and conditions, and receipt of acceptable property, appraisal, and title report. Not available on non-conforming products.
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