BPS&M Defined Contribution Plan Consulting

Whether you’re looking for plan management services or to expand the capabilities of your current recordkeeper, our consulting professionals can help.

Our defined contribution plan experts can help you with:

  • Benchmarking of plan design and administration
  • Plan design consulting and implementation
  • Nondiscrimination testing and other compliance services
  • Governmental filings
  • Operational reviews
  • Compliance and governance self-audits
  • Merger and acquisition due diligence and integration support
  • IRS and DOL corrections support
  • Fiduciary consulting, training, and compliance
  • Data aggregation, review, and management services
  • Preparation of individually designed and prototype documents for legal counsel review

Meet our consultants

Learn more about the consultants of BPS&M.

Donna Byers Donna Byers

Consultant, Defined Contribution

Donna has been working in benefit plan administration and computer program development since 1990.

Contact Donna at 615-665-5352 or donna.byers@bpsm.com

Laura S. Guin Laura S. Guin, CPC

Consultant, Defined Contribution

Laura has over 15 years of experience with defined contribution retirement plans. Areas of expertise include compliance testing, data management services, plan design analysis and consulting, and assisting clients with plan corrections. Additionally, Laura manages Retirement Readiness Services for plan sponsors and participants.

Contact Laura at 615-665-5420 or laura.guin@bpsm.com

Jeaninne M. Irwin Jeaninne M. Irwin, QPA, CEBS


Jeaninne leads defined contribution consulting services and specialized benefits reporting and analytics services for BPS&M. Jeaninne is skilled in the design and implementation of custom solutions for retirement plans. Jeaninne specializes in plan design, plan corrections, data management services, and compliance testing.

Contact Jeaninne at 615-665-5383 or jeaninne.irwin@bpsm.com

Susan Lozanov Susan Lozanov, ERPA, CPC

Consultant, Defined Contribution

Before transitioning into company retirement plans, Susan was a registered stockbroker for several years with Charles Schwab. She has been providing administration and consulting on defined contribution plans at BPS&M since 1998. Susan currently specializes in advanced compliance testing for her clients, and provides consulting and administration for ESOPs.

Contact Susan at 615-665-5406 or susan.lozanov@bpsm.com

Erin L. Marczewski Erin L. Marczewski, CPC

Consultant, Defined Contribution

Erin has been with BPS&M since 2006. Her areas of expertise include complex compliance testing, data management services, and defined contribution plan administration.

Contact Erin at 615-665-5325 or erin.l.marczewski@bpsm.com

Sandra Oakley Sandra Oakley, QKA, QPA

Consultant, Defined Contribution

Sandra joined BPS&M in 2011 but has over 20 years of experience working with defined contribution plans. She focuses on defined contribution plans and health and welfare plans. She is currently working in the Defined Contribution Department in our Nashville office.

Contact Sandra at 615-665-5457 or sandra.oakley@bpsm.com

Brian Oberlander Brian Oberlander, CEBS, QPA, ERPA

Managing Consultant, Defined Contribution

Brian has been helping clients with the administration and design of defined contribution plans since 1989. His areas of special interest include compliance testing, consulting on plan operations, and assisting clients with plan corrections. He has also contributed to BPS&M client newsletter, Developments.

Contact Brian at 615-665-5408 or brian.oberlander@bpsm.com

Lauren P. Schlueter, CPC

Consultant, Defined Contribution

Lauren joined the firm in 2007 as a member of our Defined Contribution team. She specializes in complex compliance testing, data management services, and defined contribution plan administration.

Contact Lauren at 615-665-5348 or lauren.p.schlueter@bpsm.com

Kristin E. Singley Kristin E. Singley, CPC, QPA, QKA

Consultant, Defined Contribution

Kristin specializes in plans with unique compliance issues. She also oversees the Form 5500 filing process for all BPS&M clients. Kristin has over 20 years of experience in defined contribution plan administration and consulting.

Contact Kristin at 615-665-5376 or kristin.e.singley@bpsm.com

John L. Stone John L. Stone, CPC, QPA

Consultant, Defined Contribution

John is a consultant with over 30 years of experience in the design, funding, administration, and regulatory compliance defined contribution plans. His specialty client practice areas are ESOPs and 401(k) plans. John provides consulting and administration for ESOPs with closely held stock and publicly traded stock. John has experience working with both C Corporations and S Corporations. He also works with both leveraged and non-leveraged ESOPs.

Contact John at 615-665-5342 or john.stone@bpsm.com

Dalton Snyder Dalton Snyder, CEBS 

Consultant, Defined Contribution

Dalton joined BPS&M in 1996. He has worked with employee benefit consulting since 1974. His expertise focuses on the design, administration, and operational management of defined contribution plans, including complex plan design, compliance testing and review, and the correction of operational defects. Dalton is also experienced with nonqualified deferred compensation plans, 457 plans, and 403(b) plans. 

Contact Dalton at 601-984-8965 or dalton.snyder@bpsm.com

Sarah J. Barnes Sarah J. Barnes, QPA, QKA

Consultant, Defined Contribution

Sarah joined BPS&M in 2007. Her primary responsibilities include the administration of complex defined contribution plans with an emphasis in ESOPs.

Contact Sarah at 502-253-4632 or sarah.j.barnes@bpsm.com

Brenda S. Hassfurther Brenda S. Hassfurther

Consultant, Defined Contribution

Brenda has over 25 years of experience in the design and administration of complex defined contribution plans, including ESOPs.

Contact Brenda at 502-253-4631 or brenda.hassfurther@bpsm.com

Karen Johnson Karen Johnson, CPA

Consultant, Defined Contribution

Karen specializes in the design and administration of defined contribution plans. Karen has over 20 years of experience working with various aspects of retirement plans in public accounting and industry.

Contact Karen at 502-253-4640 or karen.m.johnson@bpsm.com

W. Robert Gutmann, Jr W. Robert Gutmann, Jr., CPA

Managing Consultant, Defined Contribution

Rob specializes in the design and administration of Employee Stock Ownership Plans as well as many other employer-sponsored plans. Rob has over 35 years of experience in public accounting and industry.

Contact Rob at 502-253-4634 or rob.gutmann@bpsm.com