BPS&M Services Approach

On April 1, 2000, BPS&M joined Wells Fargo and Company with the goal of offering a full range of financial products and services. As a Wells Fargo company, BPS&M is able to provide employee benefits solutions that are fully comprehensive.

Our mission is to partner with clients to provide high quality, innovative solutions in the design, implementation, communication and maintenance of their employee benefits programs. Our approach emphasizes:

  • Creating a multidisciplinary team oriented process
  • Understanding our clients business and its objectives
  • Building business partnerships with clients
  • Being involved in every stage of the life cycle of your benefit plans

The typical BPS&M client has one or more of these characteristics:

  • Seeks cost-effective defined benefit plan administration
  • Seeks responsive consultants
  • Multiple locations, often in multiple states
  • Complex organization structure, such as a controlled group of corporations, an affiliated service group, or a leasing/recipient organization
  • Complex benefit plans and programs
  • Pending organizational and benefit plan changes due to acquisition, merger, or spin-off
  • Understaffed human resources department, due to growth or other corporate circumstances
  • Staff includes professionals or high-earning executives
  • Government or other tax-exempt employer

Our breadth and depth of expertise allow us to work with our clients in designing and implementing benefit programs that are specifically tailored to their organization and objectives.