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Specialized Reporting

Multi-currency reporting

Global custody

  • Invest when and where you wish, knowing that your trades, income collections, and settlements are being consistently monitored. We have access to a network of agent banks in more than 100 markets worldwide, and we actively manage assets in many of the available foreign markets. We can provide real-time information on trade, settlement, currency, and foreign exchange activities.

Foreign exchange

To streamline your foreign payments and help protect your profits from exposure to currency fluctuations, we offer a variety of products and services.

  • International payments and collections, including foreign drafts and wires, cash letters and collections, and international ACH
  • Hedging and currency risk management strategies, including forward contracts, foreign currency options, and non-deliverable forwards (NDFs)
  • Daily emails with market highlights
  • Access to foreign exchange workshops

Performance measurement reporting

Get the objective, reliable data you need to make informed investment decisions. We provide timely, accurate performance information for domestic and multi-currency investment portfolios. And we can customize your reports to show data sorted by total fund, consolidated account group, individual manager, asset class, industry sector, and individual security.

Analytics and attribution reporting

Get point-in-time portfolio and security-level characteristics versus the standard indices of your choice. We offer reporting on more than 20 equity and fixed-income characteristics, including price-to-earnings ratio, historical beta, and market capitalization. Our attribution reports show returns by asset allocation, stock selection, and interaction effects at the account and sector levels. Reporting is available for the total plan as well as domestic equity, international equity, and domestic fixed-income portfolios.

Investment guideline monitoring

Monitor the status of your investment portfolios daily in relation to your investment policies. You can receive automated notifications of current violations and view prior violations. Monitor your portfolios on both exposure—concentration, duration, credit, currency—and accounting, including maximum realized gains or losses. You will know what is out of compliance, why it is out of compliance, and how your portfolio can be returned to compliance.