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Investment philosophy

Strength, expertise, and flexibility

At Wells Fargo, we are dedicated to providing our customers the strength, expertise, and flexibility they want in an asset manager. We have a strong core investment philosophy that helps our customers reach their goals.

We believe:

  • In sophisticated, transparent, and understandable investment solutions.
  • An open-architecture, manager-of-managers model is superior for constructing portfolios. We believe this methodology is the most cost-effective structure for providing the diversification, volatility control, and risk-adjusted returns clients seek.
  • In a research-driven process that continuously searches for emerging managers while at the same time affirms our conviction in our current managers.
  • Our decision to solely focus on institutional mandates helps benefit clients.
  • Investing is dynamic and should be closely monitored and adjusted as objectives, capital markets, and legislation changes.
  • Our process follows two primary strategies. Our Pairings Process is a custom method of selecting and combining managers with the objective of potentially generating equally compelling long-term results. Our Tactical Tilts process is a method of adding value of overweighting and underweighting asset classes to take advantage of short-term market valuation opportunities.
  • In a team approach that is supported by the vast resources of Wells Fargo.