Supranationals, Sovereigns, and Agencies

The Supranationals, Sovereigns, and Agencies (SSA) group is focused on developing and deepening Wells Fargo’s relationships with the following types of SSA entities:

  • Supranational institutions
  • Central banks
  • International pension funds
  • Sovereign wealth funds

We provide a wide array of services to our SSA entities, including:

  • Capital Markets Services . Through Wells Fargo Securities, we provide the expertise our clients need to harness the power of the capital markets. We offer ideas and comprehensive services, including investment banking and derivatives.
  • Interest Rate Risk Management . Whether your interest rate risk profile is straightforward or complex, we can work with you to help design and implement an interest rate hedging strategy that you believe works best for your financial institution’s financial and risk management needs.
  • Foreign Exchange . Our wide range of foreign-exchange services help our clients manage multicurrency monetary flows and the resulting exchange risks.
  • Asset Management . Through Wells Fargo Asset Management, we offer a variety of disciplined investment-management styles with proven track records to institutional investors who use external asset managers to manage their investment portfolios.
  • Corporate Trust . We work with public and private companies, government entities, special purpose vehicles, and the financial institutions, securities, and insurance industries on a broad range of both complex and straightforward transactions
  • Credit and Financing . Access the credit and capital you need to meet your goals. Services range from trade financing, factoring, asset-based lending and asset-backed financing, and real estate lending.
  • Treasury Management . We are one of the top treasury management providers in the industry and continually enhance our products to meet your evolving needs. Learn about our cash vault, lockbox, and other payment and collection services.

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