Foreign Exchange Services for U.S. Financial Institutions

As one of the largest international banks in the world, we can provide you with a full suite of FX services. By partnering with us, you can develop a fast and growing revenue stream without significant investment of your own, demonstrate your global proficiency, and help your customers do business around the globe.

International payments

We have one of the largest correspondent bank networks in the world and are an active member of SWIFT, CHIPS, Fedwire, and other overseas payment networks, including the Euro clearing systems TARGET2 and EBA.

We can help you provide your customers with:

  • Electronic payments – efficiently send and receive electronic payments to and from overseas banks denominated in foreign currency and U.S. dollars (USD).
  • International ACH – process bulk debits and credits through an in-country electronic clearing system.
  • Foreign drafts – provide drafts that are payable in a foreign currency and can be printed on site or delivered promptly and securely to the ordering location.

Foreign currency (banknotes)

Your customers can easily buy or sell more than 90 varieties of paper currency for all of their travel needs.

Foreign check clearing

Ensure your customers can deposit checks drawn on banks outside the U.S. that are denominated in either U.S. dollars or foreign currency. Checks can be cleared either through collection or on a foreign cash letter basis.

Online services

We can provide you with the expertise, technology, and operational support to offer your customers a full suite of online FX services.

  • Foreign Exchange Online combines the advantages of our foreign exchange rates with the convenience of sending payments throughout the world online. Foreign Exchange Online supports foreign wires, drafts, and international ACH.
  • CurrencyTeller® allows you to meet your customers’ travel needs by buying and selling FX currency banknotes online from your customers in a secure and protected environment.
  • WellsXChangeSM allows you to integrate one of the most advanced FX payment systems into your own cash management or payment-processing systems.