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European Treasury

Simplify your European treasury management

Our integrated global accounts, products, and technologies connect your company's treasury systems across the Atlantic

Effectively manage your European payables and receivables activity through our London branch with its full suite of GBP and EUR services. Our European relationship teams function as an extension of your U.S. relationship team, delivering the same high level of service as well as in-depth local market knowledge.
We offer:

  • Full European coverage. A single London branch account can be your gateway into Europe, giving you access to low-cost payments options throughout the 34 countries that make up the Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA).
  • Simple setup. Opening accounts overseas can be challenging. Our implementation specialists are experienced in dealing with U.S. companies and will make it quick and simple for you.
  • Reduced payment costs. In-region accounts give you greater access to local payment systems. As well as saving money by paying via ACH credit or debit, you can also receive ACH payments into your account, which greatly reduces payment costs for your trading partners.
  • Flexibility. Open accounts denominated in EUR, GBP, or 20 other currencies through our London branch. You’ll get consolidated billing and account analysis, and greater visibility into and control over all your accounts.
  • In-market sales, implementation, and service support. Our London branch has more than 500 team members who provide invaluable, local expert advice and guidance. The London branch offers:
    • Foreign exchange risk management
    • Trade services
    • Loans
    • Treasury management services
  • Centralized cash management. By consolidating British Pound, Euros, and U.S. dollar accounts at one bank, Wells Fargo serves as your company’s sole point of contact for domestic and European service needs.
  • Manage your account centrally using services available through the CEO portal, including Treasury Information Reporting for balance and detail information, CEO Foreign Exchange, and our Payment Manager service for multiple types of payment.
  • Access to UK branch services. Our partner bank arrangement gives you access to over-the-counter services at more than 1,500 branches in the UK.