International Treasury Management

Worldwide expertise. Innovative solutions. Exceptional service.

With our global banking expertise, we work with you to develop customized services that give you control over your global cash picture from a single view, regardless of your tax, account, or organizational structure.

Wells Fargo International Treasury Management (ITM) offers you the tools and flexibility to make and collect international payments through several channels, delivering a product mix that fits your international business activities.

Working together, Wells Fargo can help you make your goals a reality. Our experts in international business provide guidance, support, and expertise to help you manage risk and take advantage of international opportunities.

Transact with confidence

  • Navigate the complex and ever-changing landscape of worldwide commerce
  • Tailor a treasury solution that supports your international payment needs—today and in the future
  • Improve transparency as you manage global and domestic activity side-by-side, using the same tools

Overcome your resource limitations

  • Choose the right methods to quickly and securely pay your trading partners and employees worldwide 
  • Accelerate your cash flow from foreign receivables—without adding more work for treasury staff 
  • Process your payments efficiently, regardless of currency or country

Maximize your control

  • Increase visibility into your company’s global cash position
  • Manage all your foreign and domestic accounts with single sign-on access
  • Improve your working capital and liquidity management

Multicurrency accounts

With a Wells Fargo Multicurrency Account (MCA) you can:

  • Negotiate prices and make payments – by wire, global ACH, or draft – in local currency.
  • Deposit foreign receivables – by incoming wires or the Global Check Clearing service – without having to convert them to U.S. dollars.
  • Accumulate foreign funds to meet payables requirements.
  • Eliminate unnecessary foreign exchange conversion and minimize your foreign exchange risk.
  • Receive competitive market rates for purchasing and selling foreign currency.
  • Concentrate your foreign currency with a single, trusted institution.

London accounts

Manage European treasury activity through our London branch with its full suite of GBP and EUR services.

Canadian accounts

Manage your Canadian treasury activity through our Canadian services.

Wherever your company does business, get payment and collection services that help reduce your cost of moving funds, increase your control over cash flow, and integrate your domestic and international treasury management.

  • Wire Transfers – Our wire transfer service and reports set the standard for convenience and quality. Send international wires in more than 125 foreign currencies or U.S. dollars.
  • Global ACH – Pay individuals or businesses across Europe, North America, Asia, and the Pacific in their local currencies. Send non-urgent, cost-effective payments around the globe to 40 countries, including the ability to send SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area) payments across Europe from a Wells Fargo London account.
  • International Request for Transfer (IRFTs) – Move money out of non-Wells Fargo global accounts through wires.
  • Foreign Drafts – Use Foreign Drafts to generate an audit trail, comply with tax requirements, or enhance payee security. Pay individuals or businesses and debit from your Wells Fargo Multicurrency Account (MCA) or USD Demand Deposit Account (DDA). Outsource printing to Wells Fargo or print from your location.
  • Payment Manager – Streamline your global payments by sending a file with all payment types. Multiple files can be originated to Wells Fargo from the U.S. or from your international shared service center.
  • SWIFT – Streamline your back office by routing all payments and other transactions to Wells Fargo through SWIFTNet, SWIFT’s secure and reliable connectivity channel.

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Gain insight into and control over your global cash picture through our set of integrated tools.

  • CEO® – a single sign-on portal to access all your Treasury information quickly and securely. View balances and detailed reporting on your accounts located around the world.
  • Payment Manager – a host-to host processing service for bulk files of domestic and international ACH and wire payments.
  • SWIFT for Corporates – securely connect all your accounts at numerous banks worldwide with real-time communication and gain access to our exclusive team of SWIFT certified experts who can help customize your solution.
  • WellsXchange – a flexible web-service API that can fully automate your FX processes.