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Financing and Credit

Whether you're a U.S. company engaged in international commerce, a U.S. multinational company with foreign subsidiaries, or a U.S. subsidiary of a foreign-based company, we provide a variety of financing and credit programs to help you expand the global reach and scope of your business.

Traditional financing

Revolving credit facilities

Our revolving credit facilities give you flexibility to improve your cash flow, allowing you to access only the amount of funding you need at any time.

Term loans

We offer term loans with competitive in-market pricing to help you expand your business and finance your long-term international investments.

Asset-based financing

Expand your borrowing capacity by leveraging the value of your assets. Through specialized monitoring of credit and collateral, we can underwrite structured working capital and term loans secured by your accounts receivable, inventory, machinery, equipment, and real estate.

Uncommitted overdrafts

Overdraft facilities are a common type of short-term financing for U.K.-based subsidiaries of our U.S. customers that need working capital for day-to-day operations in the event of delays in receiving payments. These facilities are managed through our London office.

Trade Financing

Trade cycle financing

Fund each stage of an international trade transaction, instead of outlaying the total base amount. Get advances on import shipments of up to 100 percent of purchase price.

Supply chain finance

Through supplier finance, key accounts purchase, and channel finance programs, we help your company enhance working capital, improve the stability of supplier networks, and strengthen relationships with trading partners.

Short-term export financing

Increase the credit available for short-term export financing in your Wells Fargo asset-based credit line by including uninsured foreign accounts receivable in the borrowing base. This unique instrument is designed for experienced exporters with well-established buyers in Europe, Canada, and Japan.

Ex-Im Bank Working Capital Guarantee Program

Accelerate overseas sales payments for your export business. Get international trade financing on your foreign accounts receivables or inventory, including work in progress. This pre-export working capital financing is 90 percent guaranteed by the Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im Bank).

OPIC Loan Guaranty Program

In cooperation with the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), we provide lending in U.S. dollars to finance investments inside OPIC-eligible countries.* We are the only designated lender worldwide under OPIC’s new Enterprise Development Network (EDN) program, which allows us to facilitate funding to creditworthy U.S. small-and medium-sized business with foreign investments. Loans range from $2 million to $15 million.

Structured trade finance

Locating financing for expansion into emerging markets can be difficult. Restrictive banking and government regulations, along with lack of formal infrastructure, can make it hard for U.S. firms to take advantage of growth opportunities and compete in the global market.
Extend your global reach though well-established, effective structured trade finance programs.

Key account receivable purchaseShow Details

Structure international trade transactions to maximize cash flow and minimize foreign risks associated with exporting. Our Structured Trade Finance specialists will work with you to develop a program to purchase your qualified receivables so you can sell to foreign buyers on extended terms without tying up cash or assuming the risks of possible late payments, default by a foreign buyer, or foreign exchange fluctuations.

Medium-term export financingShow Details

Offer overseas customers attractive loan terms and significantly reduce non-payment risks. This export financing covers most non-project-related loans for capital equipment exports. We are a top provider of Ex-Im Bank lending, and as one of a select group of Medium-Term Delegated Authority (MTDA) lenders, we can streamline access to Ex-Im Bank medium-term loan guarantees.

Structured supply chain financeShow Details

Using mitigation tools, we help your company extend days payable, enhance working capital, improve the stability of supplier networks, and strengthen relationships with trading partners.
For more information on international commercial financing, call our trade finance specialists at 1-877-593-2468 or contact us.
* For a list of countries our program serves, contact a business development officer at one of our Global Banking locations.