Annual Economic Outlook — Video

Annual Economic Outlook — Video


Where is the economy is headed? Watch this video to learn how your business can benefit from our Annual Economic Outlook.



BRYSON: Are we going into a recession, or is this next year going to be a boom? Most businesses - they’re in the trenches, and they don’t see some of the bigger picture sort of things.


VITNER: It’s important for businesses to have an understanding of the economic environment because virtually every business is influenced by the ups and downs of the economy. Our hope is that businesses will look at our forecast, and that they will come away with a better understanding of where the economy is headed.

BRYSON: The macro economy is going to be - you know, the tide’s going to be rising or it’s going to be going out, and that’s going to affect your business.

VITNER: When we put our Annual Economic Outlook together, we spend a little bit more time than we do on our monthly forecast — and really, we’re taking stock of where we are in the business cycle, and how we think the coming year is likely to differ from the last year.

BRYSON: So we provide a broad view of the economy in the Annual Economic Outlook, and many business owners can use this to really think about the coming year, and how that will affect their business.

VITNER: It helps them formulate plans for pay increases, for rent increases, for investment in new plans and equipment. And that hopefully we’ll identify some opportunities for them to grow their business, and maybe identify some risk that they’ll be able to minimize.