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Will U.S. dairy prices continue to defy conventional wisdom? (Q4 2014)

This year's record-high U.S. milk prices have provided much-needed relief for dairy farmers. However, dairy processors have been squeezed as grocers have resisted an increase in retail prices.

What is driving the slump in grains and oilseeds pricing? (Q4 2014)

Too many U.S. grain and oilseed growers failed to presell aggressively on the 2014 crops being harvested.

Citrus greening forces question about the future of Florida orange production (Q4 2014)

Citrus greening is a bacterial disease that significantly reduces the production potential of a citrus grove, destroys the economic value of fruit, and can result in the death of infected trees.

California leads worldwide almond industry production (Q4 2014)

California's almond industry has grown significantly in the past decade. Rising production and favorable prices have fueled a surge in new plantings, and attractive grower returns have encouraged growth in new almond acreage.

Where are alfalfa hay prices headed? (Q3 2014)

The common practice of transporting U.S.-produced alfalfa hay across state borders for both domestic use and increasing export use drives the need to view alfalfa as a global commodity when analyzing its price trends.

Global outlook for food demand (Q3 2014)

One of the key elements to any bullish or bearish outlook involves the balance of global supply growth and demand.

Craft brewing industry helps to increase hops grower returns (Q3 2014)

21st century demand for new hops varieties is fueling the hops market. This trend is driven largely by the growth in the U.S. craft beer brewing industry.

Disease driving hog prices higher (May/June 2014)

When hog prices skyrocket to record levels in one month's time as they did in March 2014 because of fears about the Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus (PEDv), it's certain to create a buzz in the industry.

Lower cash flow will drive grain production business exits (May/June 2014)

For grain producers, just as for most small businesses, cash flow is paramount. All other metrics remain a distant second to availability of excess cash.

California tomato processors caught in case of bad timing (May/June 2014)

U.S. tomato processors may see more foreign competition this year as the California drought pushes up the cost for raw tomatoes and tomato demand increases.

Corn price pushes prices of peanuts and other agricultural products (May/June 2014)

Corn has developed into the "currency" of agriculture, since corn prices drive nearly every other commodity and corn has turned the franchise of agriculture around in recent years.

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