We are dedicated to helping healthcare manufacturers increase sales and improve margins while providing their customers financial solutions that help improve their days cash on hand, acquire the latest technology within their CAPEX budget, and accelerate their most important growth projects. Through our deep financial services experience in the healthcare industry, we have designed flexible financing programs paired with marketing support, extensive sales training, and innovative online resources, to help give you a competitive advantage.

Healthcare financing solutions

Established industry presence – Wells Fargo has decades of experience working with healthcare equipment manufacturers and the hospitals and practices that acquire their technology. We know the competitive environment where you operate and the tight purchasing restrictions placed on your customers. Our solutions alleviate cost-pressures and work within buying cycles to help customers acquire cutting edge, next level equipment.

Competitive products – Our financing products and payment structures are flexible and designed to align with foundation and CAPEX funding. These include true leases with fair market value and other end-of-lease purchase options and early buy-out options.

Cost per procedure structures – This option addresses current industry trends and allows customers to make a single payment inclusive of equipment and service tied to their scan volume. This program type may require minimum monthly scan volume.

24/7 portfolio access – We give you full transparency to your portfolio of financed customer equipment. Help customers make plans to upgrade aging equipment and address customer concerns in real time.

Seamless equipment upgrades – Replacing aged equipment can be a quick solution to keep up with usage demands and increase patient satisfaction. Our leasing and financing solutions offer a simple process to dispose of old equipment and acquire new equipment without significant down-time or overlapping payments.

Exclusive program services

Marketing support – To boost sales, we offer full-service marketing support, including point-of-sale promotional materials, selective invoice inserting, and competitive promotional offers.

Sales training – To complement our financing programs, we provide extensive sales support and sales training for your team to effectively choose the right financing solutions.

Online service center – Our innovative online tool provides full transparency and access to your lease portfolio 24/7, including the ability to submit applications, access portfolio management reports, and prescreen opportunities.

The Wells Fargo advantage

We strive to create a distinct relationship that consistently exceeds your expectations. As a leader in the industry, you can count on our financial strength and abundant resources to provide you quality service, flexibility, and peace of mind.

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