Strategic Capital

Customized capital solutions to help companies succeed financially

Wells Fargo Strategic Capital (“WFSC”), a subsidiary of Wells Fargo & Company, provides access to long term capital in the form of equity and/or debt to current and prospective business customers, commercial partners of Wells Fargo, as well as approved Small Business Investment Company (SBIC) funds.  WFSC’s team focuses primarily on private companies across a wide range of industries, providing creative financing solutions that help fund growth and other capital needs.

  • We have the flexibility to provide appropriate solutions using various financing structures including equity, debt, or both. 
  • Our investments can include venture capital, growth capital, middle market transactions, private equity/LBO, structured equity and debt. 
  • We have the ability to lead, follow another lead, or be the only investor in an investment solution.

We work with companies in various segments and markets and we have teams focused on the following industries and sectors:


Offering specialized capital solutions to help meet the complex and evolving needs of businesses in the Energy sectors including the oil and gas industry, independent power and the renewable industry sectors.  The team has over two decades of experience in the energy industry, which includes businesses in the United States and Canada.


Focusing on the various subsectors of technology, including software, internet, mobile, financial technology, real estate technology, consumer technology, enterprise technology, emerging technologies, and clean tech, among other areas, we focus on evaluating opportunities in early-, mid- and late-stage venture, venture growth, growth equity, private equity, special situation and custom debt and structured opportunities for private technology companies.  Our team is comprised of investment professionals with experience working across the capital stack in technology, and have broad experience bases from prior roles in technology start-ups, venture and PE funds, corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions.


Investing broadly across healthcare subsectors including healthcare services, digital health, medical technology, and biopharma, we seek to fund healthcare companies that provide high quality and cost-effective care across the healthcare ecosystem. We partner primarily with venture stage or growth capital stage companies with proven business models and products or services at various stages of commercialization. Our team is comprised of investment professionals with significant healthcare industry experience and expertise in investing and supporting management teams in building emerging companies.

Diversified industries

Working closely with existing Wells Fargo clients in all industry segments outside of energy, technology, and healthcare. Our team is comprised of investment professionals typically assigned by geography.

Fund investing

Applying our relationships and resources, with a comprehensive platform for fund investments, we serve businesses through three distinct structures:

  • Limited Partner (“LP”) investing through Partner Managed Funds
  • Co-invest (“Co-investor”) source of direct deal flow through debt and equity co-investment transactions
  • General Partner (“GP”) investing through Bank Managed SBIC Funds and Joint Ventures
Our team is comprised of investment professionals with experience in private equity investing (both direct co-investing and as a fund LP), fund management, investment banking, management consulting, impact investing, and deal sourcing.

Strategic investments group

Investing in fast growing early to late-stage private companies that align strategically with Wells Fargo, some of our key investment themes include financial technologies, regulatory compliance, AI and machine learning, distributed ledger technologies, and critical vendors in the professional services domain, among others.

Our team is comprised of seasoned investment professionals with experience in Fintech private equity/venture investing, deal sourcing, assisting management teams in building emerging companies, and previous operational experience at start-ups.