Other Real Estate

Wells Fargo manages and sells a broad range of commercial Other Real Estate (ORE) properties throughout the United States. These are properties that the institution has foreclosed upon, owns, and offers for sale to the public. ORE properties include industrial, office, retail, and agricultural.

Properties for purchase

To find ORE properties by type and location, please visit Wells Fargo’s ORE website. Each property listing includes the listing agent’s name and contact information. You will need to negotiate directly through the listing agent for each property.

Most of the properties are offered in “as is” condition. For this reason, we recommend that you enlist the help of third-party professionals such as brokers, attorneys, or other real estate experts to assist in your due-diligence process.

For more information

Go to Wells Fargo’s ORE website to learn about available properties and to sign up for email alerts about properties that meet your needs. If you have questions about a specific property, contact the listing agent directly.