United Kingdom Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate financing solutions in the UK and Ireland

  • Pan-UK and Republic of Ireland coverage
  • All major asset types
  • Loan sizes typically greater than £20 million
  • A wide range of lending products, including
    • Investment finance
    • Development finance
    • Corporate facilities
    • Floating and fixed rate loans
    • Fund finance
    • Portfolio lending

We also offer a range of associated products and services to real estate customers, including loan-on-loan financing, debt capital markets, and derivatives.

The UK commercial real estate team (PDF) is based in London and combines local market expertise with the size and strength of Wells Fargo and its long established real estate franchise.

Our debt products cover a wide spectrum of funding requirements and we lend against all major real estate asset types.

We work closely with the Wells Fargo global business to provide our customers with comprehensive financial solutions.

Max Sinclair

Max Sinclair
Head of UK Division
+44 (0) 20 7759 7645

Michael Acratopulo

Michael Acratopulo
Deputy Head of UK Division
+44 (0) 20 7759 7608


Recent transactions


Acquisition facility
Agent & Joint Arranger
February 2015


Investment facility
Arranger & Agent
March 2015


Term & RCF
Arranger & Agent
April 2015


Term & RCF
Arranger & Agent
April 2015

Real Estate Merchant Banking

We can help you with non-standard opportunities, including:

  • Loan-on-loan financing
  • Subordinated debt
  • Preferred equity
  • Recapitalisations

Advisory services

Eastdil Secured is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wells Fargo. In the U.S., Eastdil is well-established in sell-side brokerage and public and private capital raising. Its European office offers advisory services in the UK and throughout the rest of Europe.


We offer a full array of interest rate, foreign exchange, and other hedging products, and can ensure derivative delivery is fully integrated with the related financing.


Our UK syndications team has significant experience arranging and syndicating loans, with more than £7 billion distributed since 1999. Along with underwriting facilities, we can form club deals to provide investors with a single point of contact within a larger capital pool.

Subscription lines

We have a global team dedicated to the subscription line business and work with a wide range of clients across all private equity sectors. Since 2012 we have arranged more than 250 transactions ranging in size from $25 million to $325 billion.

Debt capital markets

We offer a broad array of origination capabilities and distribution networks. As a market-leading U.S. private placement business, we can provide UK counter parties with access to U.S. capital markets. This team includes the former Eurohypo CMBS platform.

IPF Research Programme 2011-2015

Wells Fargo is a sponsor of the Investment Property Forum (IPF) Research Programme, the largest research programme of its kind in the UK. IPF conducts research on risk, depreciation, correlation, sustainability, pricing, and more. Short papers and forecasts, including the ones below, are available to the public. IPF members can access reports and publications from the last 12 months through the IPF resource library, which also includes a back catalogue of reports accessible to the public.  

Understanding UK commercial property investments: A guide for financial advisors

June 2015

The fourth edition of the IPF publication “A Guide for Financial Advisers.” The report provides an overview of UK commercial real estate as an asset class, including a consideration of risk and the drivers of return. Routes to indirect investment market are presented with a regulatory, legal, and tax overview. Appendices offer a synopsis of commercial property valuation and the pricing of indirect commercial property interests.

Short Paper: What is Fair Value?  

April 2015 

Over recent years some UK property markets have become identified as safe havens. This has had a particularly marked affect on the pricing of the Central London markets, which have experienced a considerable influx of foreign capital and where yields are much lower than those prevailing elsewhere in the UK. How valid is the conventional model of fair value in such cases?  Is the safe haven effect merely a short-term aberration that ‘rational’ investors can afford to sit out or has there been a long-term shift in the way some markets are priced?  

Short Paper: Implications of a UK Withdrawal from the EU R58/201

April 2015 

In January 2013, David Cameron promised an "in/out" referendum on British membership of the European Union by the end of 2017, after a period of renegotiation with the EU, assuming the Conservative party is returned to power following the May 2014 general election. 

Ahead of the election, based on a round table debate between senior property industry figures and economists, a discussion paper is to be published  that will hypothesise on the implications for UK real estate, both in the run up to a referendum and in the event the decision is to exit the EU.  

UK Consensus Forecasts  

February 2015 

Forecasts for 2015 have strengthened, capital value growth continues to drive returns, although markets are declining from the peak of 2014.