Channel Finance

We offer manufacturers, distributors, and resellers access to financing programs that include extended net terms, working capital, and direct accounts receivable financing options.

channel finance diagram

  1. Reseller purchases product from Vendor (Day 1)
  2. Vendor issues invoice to Wells Fargo Capital Finance (Day 1)
  3. Wells Fargo Capital Finance issues transaction statement to Reseller (Day 1)
  4. Wells Fargo Capital Finance pays Vendor (Day 30)
  5. Reseller pays Wells Fargo Capital Finance (Day 60-90)

For vendors looking to increase sales, our programs may:

  • Reduce credit risk and decrease operating costs
  • Improve liquidity
  • Outsource credit administration
  • Provide growth capital to resellers without increasing their own financial leverage

Our programs may help resellers:

  • Improve liquidity and purchasing power
  • Typically access larger credit lines and longer terms (30+ days)
  • Increase cash flow and working capital
  • Increase profit potential
  • Consolidate vendor payables
  • Access customized reporting
  • Automate invoice delivery