Supply Chain Finance

Supply chain finance services for corporations

Improve working capital and offer new financing options to trading partners with our award-winning end-to-end supply chain finance services. 

Channel Finance

We work with manufacturers and distributors to sponsor flexible working capital and extended-term financing programs for their reseller customers.

Through our Channel Finance programs, manufacturers and distributors may: 

  • Reduce credit exposure and shift risk off their balance sheets
  • Provide growth capital to resellers without increased credit risk
  • Outsource credit administration and receivables collection and management

Our Channel Finance programs offer resellers additional benefits. Through our programs, resellers may: 

  • Obtain greater purchasing power with a larger credit facility
  • Achieve greater liquidity with longer-term financing
  • Reduce costs with interest-free financing

Sales Finance

With our Sales Finance programs, large corporations that sell to domestic and international buyers (key accounts purchase) or risk-pooled receivables portfolios (portfolio purchase) may:

  • Improve liquidity 
  • Reduce concentration risk 
  • Offer extended terms to customers
  • Diversify capital sources

Supplier Finance 

Through our Supplier Finance programs, large corporations with wide supplier networks may: 

  • Lower the cost of capital for domestic and international suppliers 
  • Meet target payables terms and cost-reduction objectives 
  • Leverage their own creditworthiness to help solidify the financial well-being of their suppliers