Asset-Based Lending

Expand your borrowing capacity with asset-based financing

We can help your company leverage the value of its assets to meet its financing needs. Through specialized monitoring of credit and collateral, we can underwrite loans that are outside the typical lending criteria of most traditional financing relationships, which can provide your company greater credit availability and more flexibility in pursuing your goals. 

We're a leader in asset-based financing, and offer agented and syndicated senior secured financing to middle-market companies and large corporations across the U.S. and Canada. We also offer comprehensive asset-based lending to companies throughout the U.K. 

Financing options to fit your company’s needs 

We offer our asset-based financing structures, including revolving lines of credit and term loans, to companies across a variety of industries – including manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, and service.

Our financing can help address specific business circumstances and objectives, including working capital, rapid growth, turnaround, recapitalization, seasonal sales, short operating histories, mergers and acquisitions, and shareholder buyouts.