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Wells Fargo Capital Finance offers traditional asset-based lending, specialized junior and senior secured financing, factoring, and financing for domestic and international trade to a wide range of companies throughout the U.S. and Canada. We provide comprehensive asset-based financing to companies in the U.K. 

Learn more about our financing options, including:

  • Accounts Receivable Financing. Accelerate cash flow, improve collections, and control exposure to bad debts. (Accounts receivable financing is also referred to as factoring.)
  • Asset-Based Lending. Leverage your assets to access the capital you need to meet your goals. 
  • Purchase Order Financing. Secure working capital to fund the inventory required to complete sales transactions. 
  • Supply Chain Finance. Improve working capital and offer new financing options to trading partners.

Asset-based financing for rapid growth

When Nicholas & Co., a family-owned wholesale food distributor in Salt Lake City, UT, wanted to expand to Las Vegas, NV, they turned to Wells Fargo Capital Finance. Supported by asset-based financing customized for their rapid growth, Nicholas & Co. opened the Las Vegas distribution center in 2014. Watch the video below to learn more.


Nicole Mouskondis: Nicholas and Company is a broad line food service distribution company. We sell everything that a food service operator needs.

Peter Mouskondis: We joke about we sell beans for a living, but it becomes more than that. It absolutely is about the service industry. We're trying to source the best products out there for our customers.

Bill Mouskondis: Nicholas and Company, in its development, became very customer oriented. The customer had to be taken care of, and that was priority one.

Nicole Mouskondis: We try really hard to make longterm business decisions. We are a family business in its third generation, and we have a legacy to protect.

Peter Mouskondis: In the Greek culture, there's a word - philotimo. It means the love of honor - to do what's right, and to right the wrongs. We want to do what's right, and we want to make sure that those family values are continuing to be instilled in our team members, and in many generations beyond mine. And I think that's where Wells has helped us, because they put that in mind with us, and they treat us like the family, versus a big conglomerate.

Pamela Cates: It's a very personal relationship. I've worked with Nicole and Peter for over 15 years. I want them to know that I care about them. I want them to grow, and accomplish all of their goals. It is a relationship that I would like to have for a lifetime.

Bill Mouskondis: The people of Wells Fargo are great partners, because of their training and their expertise and passion for what they do. And that is critical, because every business has potholes that it has to avoid.

Pamela Cates: Like most companies, Nicholas has had its challenges, and it's challenges have been related mostly to their growth. So the asset-based lending facility was the right answer for the company.

Nicole Mouskondis: Growing is very expensive and very hard to do, but they stood by us. They took a risk on us, and we have not ever forgotten that.

Pamela Cates: The company had been thinking about expanding into the Las Vegas marketplace for a long time. Wells Fargo was willing to provide the financing to help them accomplish this goal, and as a result of being able to do that, we are in this new facility in Las Vegas.

Nicole Mouskondis: This is a dream come true for us. Opening a new distribution center is probably going to be the legacy that Peter and I leave for the next generation.

Pamela Cates: As we look out into the future, and Nicholas continues to grow and expand, we're going to be there with them.

Nicole Mouskondis: The loyalty definitely goes both ways in terms of our partnership. As we continue to grow, we want to make sure that we continue to use Wells Fargo because they have been loyal to us, and we wouldn't think of having another business partner.