Health Savings Account Investments

Your Wells Fargo HSA can be a powerful tool for growing your HSA dollars for future healthcare expenses. When your FDIC-insured, interest-bearing deposit account reaches a minimum deposit account balance of $2,0001, you can invest in a wide array of Wells Fargo Advantage Funds®, which you can choose according to your personal financial goals and investment style2.
On the HSA Investments website, you can:
  • View your investment balances
  • Make investment choices and reallocate money between different mutual funds
  • Transfer money back into the HSA deposit account to cover upcoming qualified medical expenses.
Reminder: You must transfer a portion or all of your mutual funds to your deposit account for the balances to be available to pay for qualified medical expenses.
Take this tour to learn about the HSA investment account and how to get more for your healthcare dollars.
Select “Manage HSA Investments” to access your HSA investment account.
HSA Investments screenshot

New to investing?

Select from the following materials to help you research, understand, and choose your HSA investment options.
Market and investment insights for you from Wells Fargo Advantage Funds®: