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Wells Fargo At WorkSM Program FAQ


What is the Wells Fargo At Work program?

With the Wells Fargo At Work program, your company can support your employees’ financial health with engaging workshops, tools, resources, and options — working together to help keep their financial goals on track. View the Program Features or visit wellsfargo.com/atwork for information on what the employees may receive.

How does my company benefit?

  • Supporting your employees’ financial well-being which may enhance their productivity and reduce stress
  • Enhanced participation in company initiatives, such as direct deposit
  • Financial education workshops delivered at your place of business (where available and with permission)
  • A Wells Fargo At Work representative to serve as a single point of contact and to help implement and manage your program
  • Working with you to provide a consistent employee experience at your company locations

Is there a cost to my company?

The Wells Fargo At Work program is offered at no cost to your company.

Does my business qualify for the program?

Wells Fargo business customers may be eligible for the program. Talk to a Wells Fargo representative for details applicable to your business.

How do my employees learn more?

Your employees can learn more about the program through onsite information sessions with a Wells Fargo At Work representative at your place of business. They can visit their local Wells Fargo branch, inquire over the phone at 1-800-932-6736 (1-800-WFB-OPEN), or visit https://wellsfargo.com/atwork for information, financial wellness resources, and more.

How do I introduce the program?

Your dedicated Wells Fargo representative will work with you to customize a plan to roll out the program to your employees. We'll keep in touch so that new hires are covered as well.

What is Wells Fargo's approach to financial health?

  • We believe that financial health should be based on each individual and their unique situation and objectives
  • We help customers understand their options, anticipate their needs, and suggest options that help them gain confidence in where they are and where they are going
  • Our goal is to make sure individuals are in the best position possible to meet their needs