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Wells Fargo At WorkSM

A program supporting employee financial health

The Wells Fargo At WorkSM program is designed to help your employees improve money management skills and financial wellness. This program is offered at no additional cost to your business.

Financial Health in the Workplace

Concerns about money continue to be top of mind for many Americans, leading to stress and impacting productivity at work.

According to a recent study:

  • 59% of employees say that financial or money matters are what causes the most stress in their lives
  • One in five employees admits that productivity at work has been impacted by financial worries
  • Nearly half of employees say the find it difficult to meet household expenses each month

We recognize that your company and your employees are unique. We’re committed to providing your employees with a personalized financial wellness program that will help them on their journey to better financial health.

Program Features

Your company may benefit from an enhanced employee benefits package and support for company initiatives, such as increasing participation in direct deposit.

The Wells Fargo At Work program brings financial education, tools, options and resources to your employees by their choice – in person, online, mobile, and by phone. They can take advantage of onsite workshops, webinars and Financial Health phone conversations on topics like budgeting and saving, strengthening credit, and identity protection.

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Program Features

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