Employee Financial Education and Programs

Wells Fargo At WorkSM

The Wells Fargo At WorkSM program is designed to educate your employees about financial and money management concepts. This program is offered at no additional cost to your business.

Financial Health in the Workplace

Concerns about money continue to be top of mind for many Americans, which may lead to stress and potentially impact productivity at work.

According to a recent study:

Two-thirds of people in America (approximately 166 million people) were Financially Coping or Financially Vulnerable. These individuals are struggling to spend, save, borrow, or plan in ways that allow them to be resilient and seize opportunities over time.

We recognize that your company and your employees are unique. We’re committed to providing your employees with a program that will help them on their journey to better financial health.

Program Overview

Your company may benefit from adding a financial wellness component to your employee benefits package.

The Wells Fargo At Work program brings financial education, tools, and resources to your employees. They can take advantage of workshops and webinars on many financial topics.

Program features

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