Syndicated Loan Administration and Agency Services

Industry leaders in administering and servicing syndicated loans

Wells Fargo is a leading provider of administrative and operational services for lenders, borrowers, investors, and participants of syndicated loans. As an active member of the Loan Syndication & Trading Association, we stay current on industry trends so that we can help you identify and address your business needs.

Our administrative and collateral services include:
  • Successor administrative and collateral agent services for existing facilities
  • Administrative and collateral agent services for newly originated loans requiring the services of an independent third-party agent
  • Sub-agent services where we supplement administrative agents’ operations with our registrar, transfer agent, paying agent, account bank, custodian, and depository services
  • Administration of secured loans such as asset-based lending facilities and cash flow loans

As successor administrative agent, we specialize in distressed and defaulted credits. We can work with creditors’ steering committees, borrowers, and other professionals throughout the restructuring or bankruptcy process. Our staff has extensive experience administering various loan structures including first- and second-lien term or revolving loans, exit facilities, and debtor-in-possession financings.

Our agency services include:

  • Debt collection and disbursement
  • Lender registrar tracking and assignment handling
  • Amendment, consent, and waiver processing
  • Collateral agent services on secured credits
  • Dissemination of deal documents and compliance certificates through Intralinks
  • Assistance with 363 asset sales as escrow agent
  • Monitoring of borrowing base certificates and underlying collateral
  • Periodic inventory audits of asset-based lending facilities through a strategic arrangement

We can help with the administration of your bank loan, whether it’s distressed debt, restructured debt, debtor-in-possession, or “paid in kind.” Wells Fargo processes transactions on behalf of investors for pools of more than 2,000 commercial loans (including non-U.S. loans), with quarter-end processing of more than 55,000 wire transfer payments.

When you work with us, we can provide daily tracking of all loan activities:

  • Trades
  • New asset set-up 
  • P&I transaction postings 
  • Ratings updates 
  • Agent bank difference resolutions