Expert administration and trustee services


Wells Fargo can help you with the administration of your municipal bond issuance

We can act in a number of capacities, including:
  • Bond trustee. We provide complete trustee services for fixed-rate and variable-rate bond issues in a variety of sectors including healthcare, education, housing, utilities, transportation, and public and environmental facilities.
  • Paying agent. Your assigned local administrator is familiar with the administration of variable-rate and fixed-rate bond structures, and will manage the bond closing.
  • Municipal default. We can help you manage troubled or defaulted bonds. Our experience ranges from multi-billion dollar bankruptcies to single-asset situations.
  • Successor trustee. We’ll manage the transfer of accounts with minimal effort from you. Your assigned relationship manager will with the resigning trustee to help ensure a smooth transition and will keep you apprised of the progress.
Our professionals also have expertise in specific industries:
  • Housing. We offer trustee services for state and local housing agencies issuing tax-exempt, taxable, and privately placed bonds. We also serve issuers of military housing transactions.
  • Tax credits. Wells Fargo serves as trustee and paying agent on many bonds issued under the ARRA stimulus program, including qualified school construction bonds, qualified energy conservation bonds, and new clean renewable energy bonds. We have developed standards and procedures to ensure timely filing and receipt of IRS subsidy credits for our issuers.
For more information on our municipal debt services and products, contact your regional representative (PDF*).
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