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International Corporate Trust Services

Corporate trust services through a global financial network

Through offices in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Singapore, and the United States, Wells Fargo offers comprehensive corporate trust services and access to a network of financial institution partners around the world. We work with public and private companies, government entities, special purpose vehicles, and the banking, securities, and insurance industries on a broad range of both complex and straightforward transactions. We work across time zones and markets to meet the requirements of your cross-border transactions.
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Conventional debtShow Details


Corporate finance

We offer a range of services tailored to meet your requirements, whether you are seeking to reach investors in international or U.S. markets. We administer a comprehensive array of public and private debt issues in the capital markets, and we support high yield debt, corporate bonds, and debt raised by financial institutions.

Bank debt and loan administration

We are a leading provider of administrative, operational, and fiduciary services for lenders, borrowers, investors, and participants of credit facilities and syndicated and bilateral loans. We can support both new and existing facilities, whether they are distressed, restructured, debtor-in-possession, or payment-in-kind. When there is a conflict of interest between tiers, we can act as a third provider party. Similarly, when a lender wishes to exit a transaction, we can provide successor trustee, collateral, and administrative services that could eliminate conflicts of interest for an incumbent or allow an incumbent to remove itself from the deal.

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Asset-backed securities

We provide trust, administrative, and calculation and reporting services for securitisations, warehousing, and structured finance deals. Whether the deals are backed by credit card receivables, auto loans and leases, or more esoteric assets such as fund flows from transportation, intellectual property, or even theme parks, we can help. Our comprehensive services are designed to support the administration of your transaction, including accounts, cash flow, reporting, and investor communication.

Mortgage-backed securities

We offer comprehensive services for residential and commercial mortgage-backed transactions. We can work with you to determine your transaction needs and to customise a suite of business and technology services to optimise the performance of your transactions. Our superior technology and reporting systems make us the ideal partner to support your transaction.

Specialised asset servicing (CLOs, CDOs, and loan portfolio outsourcing)

We provide agency and trustee services — including portfolio administration and advanced investor reporting — on CDOs, CLOs, CBOs, and other collateralised structures, along with web-based reporting through CTSLink® and CDOLink®. We can support deals with a variety of structures across multiple legal jurisdictions and our collaborative approach allows for timely deal negotiations and closings and efficient ongoing administration.
We can also tailor our full range of services to meet the needs of financial institutions, asset managers, and funds to streamline the administration of loan portfolios. Our services include agent bank services, loan trade closings, customised reporting, portfolio reconciliation, monitoring of lending levels, asset reconciliation, and trade settlement.

Covered bonds

We tailor our trustee and agency services for issuers to improve operational and reporting efficiencies, such as maintaining transaction ledgers and accounts, performing waterfall calculations, and producing and publishing investor reports. Additionally, we can provide cover pool monitoring services to support existing or future transaction needs.

Structured note programmes

With a suite of agency and trustee services, we can support banks and financial intermediaries establishing new — or reviewing existing — providers of structured note programmes. We have extensive experience working with transactions collateralised by multiple assets types, including commodities, derivatives, CDS, ABS, MBS, and synthetics. We will assign you a dedicated client services manager who will be responsible for all aspects of your transaction including ongoing administration and settlement, reconciliations, bespoke investor, and management reporting.

Specialized ServicesShow Details


Business escrows

We provide escrow services covering a variety of situations, including business acquisitions, regulatory requirements, asset purchases, hold back, and mergers. We have extensive experience with structures encapsulating multiple legal jurisdictions and working to tight timelines. When you work with us, you will also have access to other Wells Fargo banking services, including foreign exchange and treasury management.

Exchange-traded funds

Our comprehensive services support fund and debt structures in the exchange-traded space include credit support annex administration, commodity index trust administration, reconciliation of collateral and swaps, and daily net asset valuation calculations. You will also have access to broader Wells Fargo banking services including foreign exchange and treasury management.

Global fund services

We provide comprehensive fund administration, middle-office, operations, and cash and collateral management services to alternative investment managers. Wells Fargo Global Fund Services administers more than $25 billion in assets, covering a wide range of strategies traded by global portfolio managers including fixed income, credit, distressed, structured credit, macro, equity, commodities, private equity, and real estate. Our work processes follow the sun through our global network of offices located in New York, Minneapolis, London, Dublin, Jersey, Singapore, and Hong Kong, and we provide fund managers and investors with 24-hour support six days a week.

Irish listing agent

We act as an intermediary between the issuer, originating transaction parties, the Irish Stock Exchange, and the Central Bank of Ireland, reviewing deal documentation against the listing authority’s guidelines and coordinating amendments.

Lease services

We provide agency and trust services supporting cross-border transactions employing multiple currencies for large-ticket items such as aircraft, real estate, energy, and other asset types. We collaborate with law firms, leasing companies, lenders, arrangers, financial firms, and a wide variety of global corporates. We have worked extensively with export credit agencies and on private financings. We regularly represent debt participants in lease financings, and offer security trustee, account bank, collateral agent, facility agent, and administrative agent services. In addition, we can provide a range of services to support debt capital market transactions backed by leased assets.

Life settlements

We provide a comprehensive array of third-party longevity services. We will work closely with you to help you administer new and existing portfolios. If you are establishing an offshore vehicle or seeking to diversify your investor base, we can provide agency and trust services to support your transaction. Working through our offices in the U.S., we can help policies meet predetermined eligibility criteria in addition to handling the day-to-day administration, including submitting premium payments, collections, resolving issues with insurance companies, and working closely with mortality tracking service providers.

Collateral trust

We offer alternatives to letters of credit to help corporations, captives, and insurers save money, reduce credit encumbrances, and improve balance sheets.

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