Bondholder Information

Wells Fargo Corporate Trust Services is committed to providing outstanding service in meeting the needs of its investors. This section provides answers to frequently asked questions about managing your bonds.

Commonly used terms 

Medallion Guarantee 

A Medallion Guarantee is a means of assuring a transfer agent that a signature is genuine. Although they are similar in nature, a Notary Stamp is not an acceptable substitute for a Medallion Guarantee. You can obtain a Medallion Guarantee from a financial institution or brokerage firm. Medallion's have individual dollar limits assigned to them. Ask the party providing you with a Medallion Guarantee to verify that their stamp sufficiently covers the market value of your specific transaction. 

W-9 form 

Transfer agents are required to obtain this form to certify tax identification (e.g., social security) numbers. Even though a bond may be tax-exempt, transfer agents are required to have a current form presented for various transfers and payments. You can obtain W-9 forms from a financial institution. 

Bond Power 

A Bond Power is a form often used in lieu of signing directly on the bond certificate. Bond Powers may be obtained from a financial institution.