Asset-Backed Securities

Customer-driven services for the asset-backed industry

Wells Fargo provides integrated trust, analytical, and administrative services for securitizations, warehouses, and structured finance deals with more than $140 billion in current outstanding issuance. We can help you with:

Trustee services

  • Managing trust accounts and daily cash
  • Managing trust compliance items
  • Investing trust funds as directed
  • Preparing and disseminating monthly cash reports
  • Verifying servicer reports
  • Providing investor reporting to bondholders
  • Managing amendments to transaction documents

Back-up servicing

  • Executing operational reviews of servicers
  • Receiving, reviewing, and storing portfolio data files
  • Verifying monthly servicer reports
  • Performing collateral analyses
  • In the event of default, Wells Fargo can assume certain servicing obligations and maintain servicer transition plans

Document custody

  • Ensuring file retention and inventory control
  • Providing fast initial certifications and capability to release files within 48 hours
  • Reviewing each collateral file for required loan documents
  • Maintaining a customizable collateral tracking system

We can also help you with transactions backed by a wide variety of assets:

  • Auto loans and leases
  • Business loans
  • Credit cards
  • Energy receivables
  • Equipment loans & leases
  • Film distribution rights
  • Floorplan loans
  • Franchise loans
  • Healthcare receivables
  • Intellectual property
  • Insurance assets 
  • Life settlements/premium finance 
  • Manufactured housing 
  • Residential solar loans and leases
  • Structured settlements 
  • Student loans 
  • Timeshare loans 
  • Trade receivables
  • Unsecured consumer receivables